We are Drool Studio

A creative studio specialized in graphic design, web design, animation and web development stablished in the very heart of Murcia. Drool was originally born in 2010, in a tiny room in a shared flat in Madrid, with the big idea of generating unique projects and having fun creating them. After growing professionally in different agencies in Madrid and Murcia, decided in late 2012 to take a step further and establish their headquarters in Murcia, attracted by its unlimited sunshine hours, by its beaches, by finally coming back home again, surrounded by their people, and basically by having two of the largest sweet manufacturers in the world just 15 minutes from the studio.

Our name represents very precisely who we are… Drool creative studio is more than just a verb, it represents the goal we want to achieve with everything we do, make you drool with our work. Our goal remains clear from the beginning, generate new sensations and raise emotions through our animations, our stunning corporate identities and powerful web designs and developments.

We make a professional and multidisciplinary team amply prepared to confront your business’ or brand communication. Our creative profile range integrates and complements perfectly. We have got, in our pocket, a wide experience in the field, backed by our members work and effort for prime level brands.

Our works come from everywhere you could imagine. In Drool Studio creative studio, we receive commissions from advertising agencies, marketing agencies and other design studios. As well as TV producers, nationwide and international, and, of course, working closely with the final client.

So if you are considering some options and we haven’t convinced you yet, you should be glad! Our next work is going to be our best, so don’t think about it anymore and contact us.

What does makes us unique?

Creative state

We work hard to maintain ourselves in a continuous state of creativity. Our special touch branded in every project we do is originated by a perfect balance between happiness and the best work atmosphere.

Our own method

We have got a particular way of doing things, and thanks to our experience and our own method, we develop unique projects. Add to this a pinch of care with a lot of Drool style, and you will find that all of our work ends up being exclusive.

Passion for the detail

Let’s be sincere, we have got an obsession with the details. Tiny and delicate elements that enrich our works and that you can find in the purest Drool DNA. The difference is on those little things that will make your project something special.

Our amazing clients

This is only a little sample of our magnificent clients. Thanks to everyone who let us be part of your brand, and to those who we haven't had the pleasure to work with, thanks in advance.

  • Our client Starbucks
  • Our client GAP
  • Our client Club de Creativos
  • Our client Ayuntamiento de Murcia
  • Our client Cinesa
  • Our client Adidas
  • Our client Pans & Company
  • Our client QUID
  • Our client Grupo Relesa
  • Our client Sala REM
  • Our client Comprarlaentrada
  • Our client Nubika

Drool Moments

Cool pics of us, the Drools, in our routine work in the studio, of those plenty of funny moments and the little things that make our work better.


Little sample of the wildlife surrounding us, partners and support through the path, who have become more than friends with time.

  • Our partner DIP Murcia
  • Our partner AJE Murcia
  • Our partner Baikal Visual
  • Our partner Sozpic
  • Our partner Bee Social
  • Our partner Artsolut
  • Our partner Superlumen
  • Nuestro partner Juan José Sánchez