In our creative studio we offer services in design of online Shop (e-commerce)

But we also offer services in the development and creation of online stores and electronic commerce nationwide throughout Spain. Proof of this is that 80% of our work in designing online stores is by direct recommendation of our customers.


What are Shops online or e-commerce stores?

Are you looking for a trustworthy creative studio that offers online store development and development services in Murcia? You found it! But before we will know a little more about this term. The definition of online store could be said to refer to a type of commerce that uses as the main means to make your transactions a web page. Visit the definition of Online Shop or e-commerce in Wikipedia.


What do we need to know before developing an online store?

How many products do I want to handle?
Do you have all the information about your products or services?
Do I have real or virtual stocks of my products?
Do I want to manage an inventory?
How will I set up my payment gateway?


A professional web designer has to develop and study how users can interact with your online store. In our creative studio located in Murcia, we offer the most creative services in web and digital design. We are specialists in creating striking designs respecting the principles of web design so your online store “looks spectacular”. We understand the real needs that a user can have about the usability of the same.

When planning and developing the design of a professional website or ecommerce, we always take into account the navigability, interactivity, usability and architecture of all the information we have. The information provided by the customer will be the products, prices, shipping costs, videos, texts and images. To make a perfect planning it is necessary to create prototypes using professional web design and programming tools before you can bring your creations live. We will then receive the approval or feedback from the client. All our designs in online stores in Murcia or the rest of Spain are from scratch.


Do you want a unique and personalized design of online Shop(e-commerce)?

At Drool Creative Studio, we design virtual online store or custom ecommerce from scratch. All our web pages and online stores are designed from scratch, so that you stand out from the competition, in an original way to match your brand or product.

Do you want us to create your online store?

In Drool creative studio, we design your online shop o store commerce to measure from scratch. Visit the following link.






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