Web Digital Design

We design very useful and attractive digital environments (Web Digital Design), always looking for the best option for our client. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team we provide the best result for every digital element that your brand may require in the digital world, offering a top quality interaction and design.

We create graphic resources that provide us a unique value, making our designs special and different. We lean on photography and illustration as visual impact, and through the presence of the logo, the care of the iconography, the color palette choice and the suitable typography, we develop a web digital design with an unbeatable quality and user experience.

We offer these services in Web Digital Design:

Web Design

A website is the image of a brand in the online world. This will be the only visible face for the clients we want to inform or the ones that don’t know us yet, so we should be able to impress from the first click. At Drool we put in front of your customers a useful and intuitive website that resembles the style of your brand or service, always showing coherent information. Our goal must be clear, strengthen the brand and display the services or products. These concepts must be visible in every aspect of your website.

Web Development

We also develop our own websites. Nowadays, more than 60% of the internet logins are made with mobile devices, so being aware of the current navigating trends, all the websites we develop are adapted to every device, making the usability and legibility easier in any platform (Responsive web design), making our brand closer to the positive imaginary of our customer. At Drool Studio we adapt the design according to the device resolution to achieve a wider and better user experience.


We design and develop online platforms dedicated to product or service selling. We produce really effective and attractive sites, with a special care in the details to ease the selling action, creating a real business generating tool. We take care of the design of every purchase process step, reinforcing the trust of your customers. Everything that would help you selling will be optimized and ready for the action.

App Design

Mobile devices are the present, not the future. Nowadays applications cover every need your brand could require, allowing to integrate content attractively and creatively in different ways. At Drool we design the concept, the interface or even the icon that your future app, being iOS or Android, might need always looking to impress and capture your clients.

More services

As a team, we like facing a limited amount of projects at the same time to offer the best part of us to our customers.


A brand is more besides the logo. We could even describe it as a group of elements built step by step, putting little grains of sand one after the other, and above all keeping coherence between them. We are capable of finding the best solution to your problems, as hard as they seem, reflecting style and a unique personality at the same time.

Motion Graphics

This services allows us to create different kinds of animations, becoming essential to harvest good results in the digital world. Complete your projects with this tool in order to offer a unique user experience. This services can be used in the different digital devices like your website, cinema, television or social networks.

Graphic Design

Strategically oriented graphic design is capable of generating a chain reaction. Positive impressions of a brand increase the customer’s perceived value, which translates in increase in the sales and position of the brand. Our team has the necessary tools to design the message to send and make it effectively to achieve the best impact.