Motion Graphics

This service allows us to create different types of animation, so it is essential for optimal results in the digital world. In our creative studio of graphic and digital design, located in the heart of Murcia we offer the best services and motion graphics and animation, advertising spot, videopromo, VideoMotion and generally all graphic design we can offer. Your brand will be present in digital formats Web, TV and social networks.

Complete your projects with these tools to deliver a unique user experience. These services can become used in different digital formats. Such as your own website, e-commerce, film, television or in different social networks. With this versatile variety we can get to improve the image of their brand.

Incentivize purchases or an attractive way to present data, products and services, transmitting different brand values through various graphics resources, always taking care of the tone and rhythm of language.

Inside are motion graphics and animation these services we offer:

Art Direction

It consists on creative development and the definition of a graphic style that will be finally transferred into your animation video. Thanks to our knowledge in the fields of animation, design and layout, our team possesses the skills and resources asked to implement and control the graphic typographic and chromatic elements designed based on your brand image.

Spot / Promo Video

Animations are the best choice to present startups or new businesses or explaining how a project works in a simple and attractive way, in less than a minute. This service helps improving your brand image because we will customize every single element making the link with the customers strong to establish our image in their minds.

Animated Infographics

It consists on show data or info in a dynamic way through a video. This type of video has recently started to become very popular because the users are able to assimilate more content due to the information shown in a creative and dynamic way, increasing its impact. This videos are highly powerful in social media.

ID Package

This services is based on the animation of your brand image. In this group of animations become revealed all the possible graphic elements for your image to be shown in the digital world. Our team can also bring to life any graphic given. At the same time, at Drool we can make all of the graphic identity of your TV channel from concept, direction and design to the final animation.

More services

As a team, we like facing a limited amount of projects at the same time to offer the best part of us to our customers.


A brand is more besides the logo. We could even describe it as a group of elements built step by step, putting little grains of sand one after the other, and above all keeping coherence between them. We are capable of finding the best solution to your problems, as hard as they seem, reflecting style and a unique personality at the same time.

Graphic Design

Strategically oriented graphic design is capable of generating a chain reaction. Positive impressions of a brand increase the customer’s perceived value, which translates in increase in the sales and position of the brand. Our team has the necessary tools to design the message to send and make it effectively to achieve the best impact.

Web Digital Design

We design very useful and attractive digital environments, always looking for the best option for our client. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team we provide the best result for every digital element that your brand may require in the digital world, offering a top quality interaction and design.